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The Fascinating Encore Melaka Theatre At Impression City

Melaka – Rich Cultural Heritage

Melaka is one of the states of Malaysia with the richest heritage. This is not only true in Malaysia but also globally. Even before Melaka was made a UNESCO heritage center in 2008, it was already enjoying a ton of tourists both local and international. Today, Melaka is one of the leading tourist destinations in Malaysia. With an average annual tourist arrival of over 16.8 million, there is no doubt that it has so much to offer to the world.

Impression City Melaka

A young Malaysian developer, Yong Tai Berhad is currently developing an Impression City Melaka. Established on a 138-acre piece of land, impression city is a mixed development with an estimated gross development value of $2.3 billion. The new development is located in the Kota Laksamana region of Melaka. It will serve as an entertainment, shopping, business, and tourism center.

There are a lot of things that set this city apart. Besides its fascinating architecture, the Impression city will serve as a true center for global culture. The city is designed to offer a vibrant mix of entertainment including art, culture, and lifestyle attractions. The city is also expected to stand out as an active business center, offer a variety of dining options and provide holistic entertainment to both tourists and locals.

360 Degree Encore Melaka Theatre

One factor that sets the Impression city apart from any other city in the world is the Encore Melaka Theatre. This is a theatre that is designed around the Encore Melaka. Encore Melaka is a 70-minute live performance spectacle which involves over 200 local performers that tell the history of Melaka’s heritage through art.

Encore Melaka is a part of a series of performances knowns as the Impression Series. The Encore Melaka is the 10th installment on the series which includes spectacular performances that blend light, music, shadow, dance, folk, and history. The performances are usually set within a defined breathtaking landscape. The Impression series was founded by a Chinese theatre in 1998 by directors Zhang Yimou, Fan Yue, and Wang Chaoge.

Some of the major global projects undertaken by this team of founding directors include the opening of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Opening the Shangai Expo, and the opening of the 2016 G20 Summit.

About Encore Melaka


Encore Melaka is very special in many ways. It first made international news for being the first impression series based outside China. Melaka was chosen as the home for the performances because of its rich amazing heritage. It was selected out of over 100 global cities because of its 700 years worth of history. Since the impression performances are global, it is important to stage it in a world-class city like Melaka.

To ensure that the impression series is staged on the best platform ever, Yong Tai has set up an amazing landmark theatre in Melaka Impression City. The Encore Melaka Theatre was developed at an estimated cost of $135 million. The theatre will have all the facilities for a modern live performance scene. It boasts of a 360-degree rotating auditorium. It is large enough to host 2000 people plus. It also comes with ultra modern 3D video projection systems among other facilities.

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The Dawn Condotel  – First Hotel At Impression City Melaka

The Dawn Hotel At Impression City Melaka

With Melaka city already attracting so many tourists, it is common sense that the development of Impression Melaka City will lead to an overflow of tourists. Yong Tai is currently developing a hotel within the impression city that will help in accommodating high profile guests. The Dawn is being developed just 800 meters from the Encore Melaka Theatre. The hotel boasts of 648 units with urban stylish facilities. It will be offering standard size pools, jacuzzi, and very prime executive suites. The Dawn Hotel in Melaka was opened for a 99-year lease from January 2017.

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There is no doubt that that Melaka is an attractive city. Being named a UNESCO world heritage site was due to its rich heritage and diverse culture. Now, the development of an impression Melaka City just sets this city apart. The iconic Encore Melaka Theatre is, without a doubt, the lifeline of the new development. Besides offering dining, shopping, and business opportunities, Melaka Impression City is entirely built on the foundation of entertainment. This is set to be the center of the global live performances.

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