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Baju Raya Terkini Online Murah 2017

Baju Raya Moden Perempuan 2017 in Malaysia 


This year’s celebration is bound to be an enchanted one. That is what Malaysian ladies hoped for each year. Hari Raya Aidilfitri is the best occasion to dress up for and on this day that people get to see the true beauty of Malay culture represented in their Raya attire. Eras have passed, technology have advanced but each year, the taste of cultural throwback is the centre of attention.

Finding the perfect baju raya 2017 could be a challenge especially with stylish trends coming in every week. Every way you turn, there is always a wide choice of baju kurung perempuan that you will find. For the ladies, getting the ultimate baju raya perempuan is mission worth planning. It needs a lot of surveys, analysis and researching so that you will get the perfect match! Well, here are some options that can help you decide what kind of raya clothing you want this year.

Baju Kurung Moden Peplum Vercato


Trends are growing each year and finding the right design could be troublesome. If you are keen on going with the modern and new look, you will need to find an edgier cut than those of classic designs. Vercato gives you the best choices you want for baju raya this year. This traditional-meets-modern touch baju kurung moden shows the curve while retaining its modesty as a traditional dress. This stylish dress specially-tailored in a peplum design by polyblend material. The soft cloth fit nicely onto the skin without causing discomfort when you are out visiting relatives throughout the day. The design is even more unique with the round neckline and a fastening zip that allows convenience to you.

Having a tough luck in finding the right size? Here are size references that could help you pick the right baju raya terkini to wear:


Size S: 80cm x 63cm x 105.5cm

Size M: 84cm x 68cm x 106cm

Size L:  91cm x 77cm x 108.5cm

Size XL: 92cm x 78cm x 109.5cm

*bust circumference x waist circumference x bottom length


Baju Kurung Butik Sireh Pinang

Some goes for modern and trendy look; some goes for classic and traditional. This Baju Kurung Butik Sireh Pinang combines the beauty of both. This stylish baju kurung is based on the traditional Malay dress that elevates elegance, modesty and sophistication. This is also a fashionable Islamic clothing as seen in the design. It is loose, long and retained the essential element classical traditional kurung possessed since its first debut. The high quality material consist of 100% polyester, fitted with round neckline, zip and hook fastening and padded shoulders. It is comfortable and breathable as the material is made to give a sense of ease to the wearer regardless of time and place. It is definitely fitted for raya as you will be visiting a lot of places.

Having a tough luck in finding the right size? Here are size references that could help you pick the right baju raya terkini to wear:

Size XS: 84cm x 58cm x 96cm

Size S: 90cm x 64cm x 98cm

Size M: 94cm x 70cm x 100cm

Size L:  100cm x 76cm x 102cm

Size XL: 104cm x 81cm x 104cm

*bust circumference x waist circumference x bottom length

Baju Kebaya Online in Malaysia

Dominate Your Market! Promote Your Online Muslimah Fashion Business By Selling Baju Kebaya In Malaysia



You need to make more money; having one job will not allow you to live your dream life. Start a new baju kebaya website, and you could start earning more money. Browse through the following publication to discover how you could promote women muslimah fashion online in Malaysia online through managing your own muslimah wear website.

Regularly adding new women muslimah fashion online in Malaysia to your internet shop will refresh and renew it. Customers are more apt to complete transactions in your internet shop when you’re introducing new baju kebaya for sale continually. People will make it a point to go to your internet shop often to see what’s been added since their last visit. Publicize the new additions to your inventory by sending out a newsletter to customers via e-mail. - Fashion Muslimah Wear Online

Always take into consideration your baju kebaya website design as it is a necessary factor to check out while advertising your company’s brand. There is simpler connection with your brand when you make use of appropriate theme. Your muslimah wear website should follow the same theme on all pages of your baju kebaya site. You will undermine your brand message if you allow inconsistencies to appear on your website; this inevitably leads to lost sales.

Theft and also other security concerns are some of the reasons why people no longer shop online. You have to instill confidence in your customers that the transaction process you have set up is easy to navigate and secure. Consult an e-commerce professional to learn the best methods to increase your site’s security and assure your customers that their identity is safe. You will more likely generate more sales from your baju kebaya online business if you streamline your payment process and make it simple and secure.

Always take advantage of latest technologies and services that let you advertise your baju kebaya website. Use catchphrases to attract potential clients to your muslimah wear website from web crawlers. Pay-per-click advertising is a well-known method to garner completely new customers from Google or Bing. If organic traffic is exactly what you are in search of, you can commission a company that specializes in search engine marketing to help you get much better optimization results.

A lot of work is required to build an online muslimah wear store, however it can be rewarding. Your energy, constancy, and fortitude should be taken advantage of keeping in mind the end goal to make a muslimah fashion business that’s both monetarily and expressly fulfilling. New technologies and techniques are massively vital to new businesses, as they will need to gain traction and exposure in the most effective ways possible in order to be successful. The most successful company owners are always looking to take advantage of hot new suggestions to keep their baju kebaya business website growing.

Bus Services From Melaka To Port Dickson

Nearest Bus Route From Melaka To Port Dickson

Port Dickson is a popular beach destination located in the Negeri Sembilan State of Malaysian Peninsula. It is another semi tourist town which is attractive for weekend visitors mainly. Route Distance of Bus from Melaka to Port Dickson is about 60 kilometers. Port Dickson is well connected to rest of Malaysian Peninsula by roads. The highways have all the possible modes of commutation like, Rental Cars, Taxis or Bus Services. Travelers may go by cars or taxis but the most convenient, affordable and safe method is to board a bus for Port Dickson. There are several bus companies operating on this route from Melaka to Port Dickson. The buses take up Federal Route 5 or the Coastal Trunk Road to reach Port Dickson. As, local people also travel in these buses together with the tourists, consequently in spite of available buses on the route; the buses may not be timely available. Also, since the mode of commutation is limited to the booked transport service, it is important that the travelers book their return tickets to avoid the last minute hassle.

Duration of Bus Routes

The trip from Melaka to Port Dickson takes around 2 to 2.5 hours. The time taken is tentative and also depends upon the traffic on road. Since the direct buses are very limited from Melaka to Port Dickson, so the travelers are advised to book the tickets prior. Most of the buses board from Melaka Bus Sentral and reach Port Dickson via Seremban.



There are limited bus operators providing the services from morning till evening. The buses arrive from Melaka Bus Sentral to Port Dickson as early as 0745 hrs till 0900 hrs. The departure time for the buses from Port Dickson is from 1400 hrs till 1500 hrs. Some of the buses that operate are as following:
1. KKKL Singapore
2. Golden Coach Express
3. SE Super Express
4. Kesatuan Express
All the buses are well equipped with latest facilities having arm rest and big room for legs for ensuring rest while journey. Some of the premium bus services give travelers the opportunity to choose the pick up point according to their convenience.


In old times, precious time of travelers was given up to booking lines and counters. The exhaustion thus created depressed the travelers before exploring the tourist spot. Now, Internet has given the potential that the travelers can book their tickets in advance and can reduce the unnecessary wastage of energy and time. Many times, agents force customers to buy tickets at higher rates in urgent situation. Such situations can be avoided by booking the tickets online. Travelers should also book their return trips from Port Dickson as at times the buses are overcrowded, and it might become difficult to obtain tickets in rush. Travelers can book their trips the preceding month and make most of their trips. The easy booking method and advance arrangements will make the travelers’ trip a wonderful experience to memorize.

Factors that Influence App Store Ranking

With the level of cut throat competition that marks the mobile application development Singapore industry these days, getting a mobile app the required visibility on an app store has become one of the major issues for most developers. You need to embrace a certain marketing strategy to optimize your mobile app and make it more discoverable for the relevant audience. The visibility of your app depends upon its ranking on the app store. And, this ranking is determined by the cumulative influence of several different factors which establish the popularity and credibility of your app. The idea is to optimize these factors in such a way that your mobile app attains a superior ranking than your rival competitors in the industry, and appears on the top of the search results on the app store. Let’s have a look at a few of these aforementioned factors that have an enormous impact on the ranking and consequent visibility of your mobile app on the app store.

The app title
When a user visits an app store in search of a mobile app as per his requirements, he needs to enter a set of keywords that will kick start an automated search for all the apps that contain the entered keywords in their title. More often than not, the app developers tend to overlook this miniscule detail of the search technique and end up creating short branding titles that do not incorporate any keywords related to the product or service that the app is associated with. However, you need to understand the importance of employing specific targeted keywords in the title for your mobile app as a sure shot way of achieving enhanced visibility on the app store. For example, there is an app titled ‘Drool’ that incorporates services and products for your pet dogs. In such a case, it is always better to include the most relevant keywords and call it ‘Drool: the dog planet’ instead, to enhance the probability of it being discovered by all dog lovers around the world.

App store optimization (ASO)
Similar to the search engine optimization or SEO, the ASO too aims at optimizing your mobile app by making use of target keywords that your potential audience might be using to make their searches on the app store. However, the one distinguishing factor that makes ASO more complex and a tab bit difficult to achieve as compared to SEO, is the limitation for defining the keywords that is restricted to only 100 characters. It is therefore utmost essential to allocate only relevant keywords and avoid redundancy of characters that have already been incorporated in the title. The primary objective of ASO is to drive more and more relevant traffic towards your mobile app and achieve higher number of conversions as well.

The number of downloads
Most of the app stores tend to rate a mobile app on the basis of the number of downloads that happen on it on a regular basis. The rating system works on the premise of user experience which implies that an app will be more popular and better designed if it is being downloaded by more number of people. In other words, the more your app is being downloaded, the higher it will rank on the app store. Furthermore, any spikes in the download rate can also significantly boost your ranking and visibility on the app store. But what happens if two apps have the same number of downloads? Which of the two will be given a higher rank? Well, Apple aims at resolving this issue by taking into account another factor known as the download rate. In simple words, the download rate will determine the frequency of an app being downloaded and also whether it is being downloaded on a regular basis or not.
Ratings and reviews
Another major factor that has a tremendous influence on the ranking of your mobile app on the app store, is the level of positive ratings and reviews it receives from its users. The major point of contact that connects the user to you and your business is the platform for him to express his views regarding your product or service. Positive reviews and ratings indicate a higher user experience and satisfaction and, also establish the credibility and reputation of the business. The mobile apps that have a higher number of positive reviews and ratings obtain a higher ranking on the app store, to further their exposure to the relevant audience.

CTR and app starts

CTR or click through rate is the rate at which users click through your app with the intent of downloading it. Since the CTR is a major indicator of the number of conversions that are happening on a particular mobile app, it is regarded as one of the major factors that influence its ranking on the app store. In addition to this, the number of ‘app-starts’ is another indicator of a mobile app’s popularity and repute. It is not enough to just get the app downloaded by a user. In fact, it is utmost essential for the user to actually start the app and indulge in its frequent usage. The number of ‘app-starts’ clearly demonstrates the level of retention and engagement of the customers, and is therefore a major factor in determining the ranking of a mobile app on the app store.

The mobility technology not only aids in enhancing and developing your business, but also helps immensely in establishing its reputation in the market. By achieving a better ranking and visibility on the app store, your mobile app can take your business to unprecedented heights, and keep you ahead of your rival competitors in the market.