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Baju Raya Terkini Online Murah 2017

Baju Raya Moden Perempuan 2017 in Malaysia 


This year’s celebration is bound to be an enchanted one. That is what Malaysian ladies hoped for each year. Hari Raya Aidilfitri is the best occasion to dress up for and on this day that people get to see the true beauty of Malay culture represented in their Raya attire. Eras have passed, technology have advanced but each year, the taste of cultural throwback is the centre of attention.

Finding the perfect baju raya 2017 could be a challenge especially with stylish trends coming in every week. Every way you turn, there is always a wide choice of baju kurung perempuan that you will find. For the ladies, getting the ultimate baju raya perempuan is mission worth planning. It needs a lot of surveys, analysis and researching so that you will get the perfect match! Well, here are some options that can help you decide what kind of raya clothing you want this year.

Baju Kurung Moden Peplum Vercato


Trends are growing each year and finding the right design could be troublesome. If you are keen on going with the modern and new look, you will need to find an edgier cut than those of classic designs. Vercato gives you the best choices you want for baju raya this year. This traditional-meets-modern touch baju kurung moden shows the curve while retaining its modesty as a traditional dress. This stylish dress specially-tailored in a peplum design by polyblend material. The soft cloth fit nicely onto the skin without causing discomfort when you are out visiting relatives throughout the day. The design is even more unique with the round neckline and a fastening zip that allows convenience to you.

Having a tough luck in finding the right size? Here are size references that could help you pick the right baju raya terkini to wear:


Size S: 80cm x 63cm x 105.5cm

Size M: 84cm x 68cm x 106cm

Size L:  91cm x 77cm x 108.5cm

Size XL: 92cm x 78cm x 109.5cm

*bust circumference x waist circumference x bottom length


Baju Kurung Butik Sireh Pinang

Some goes for modern and trendy look; some goes for classic and traditional. This Baju Kurung Butik Sireh Pinang combines the beauty of both. This stylish baju kurung is based on the traditional Malay dress that elevates elegance, modesty and sophistication. This is also a fashionable Islamic clothing as seen in the design. It is loose, long and retained the essential element classical traditional kurung possessed since its first debut. The high quality material consist of 100% polyester, fitted with round neckline, zip and hook fastening and padded shoulders. It is comfortable and breathable as the material is made to give a sense of ease to the wearer regardless of time and place. It is definitely fitted for raya as you will be visiting a lot of places.

Having a tough luck in finding the right size? Here are size references that could help you pick the right baju raya terkini to wear:

Size XS: 84cm x 58cm x 96cm

Size S: 90cm x 64cm x 98cm

Size M: 94cm x 70cm x 100cm

Size L:  100cm x 76cm x 102cm

Size XL: 104cm x 81cm x 104cm

*bust circumference x waist circumference x bottom length

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