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Malaysia – A Travel Destination With Multiracial Social And Cultural Life

A country or society that consists of different races or social group with different ethnicity, being lead by a single leader, is said to a country of multiracial society. Malaysia is one of the famous Asian Countries that has a multiracial society. Malaysia, the most popular Asian tourist spot, is a country that has a population of nearly 20million, who follow various religious practices and hence can be declared as a country with multiracial society. The unique culture of Malaysia is in fact a mixture of several cultures belonging to several religious believes. However, in spite of being a culture with racial diversity, the past has observed few instances of racial discrimination in Malaysia. All these discrimination has lead to certain intolerances in the country starting from the time of its independence. Inspite of all such intolerances Malaysia stands as an eminent social figure with diversity in religion, culture and races. Malaysia had been a common Far-East travel destination among tourist for past few decades. Undoubtedly the Kuala Lumpur, the capital city stands as the most iconic city life of Malaysia with its extra-ordinary Twin towers and Petronas tower. But Malaysia has more to offer. Apart from the fascinating city life of Kuala Lumpur, you can get the history in Malacca, natural beauty and sea shore in Penang, the rainforest area, the highlands of Malaysia. Other than the natural beauty, Malaysia also offers Casino experience in the Genting Highlands or the exclusive Legoland Theme Park in Johor Bahru.

Top 3 places to visit in Malaysia:

The top 3 destinations that is gaining popularity among tourists can b e described in brief as below-
  1. Langkawi Islands– Langkawi Island is one of the famous beach destinations of the world that can be described as the Honeymooner’s Paradise destination. Langkawi is formed by a cluster of 104 islands amidst the Andaman Sea. It is famous of the skybridge and cable car in to the peak of Gunung Mat Chingchang is one of the main attractions here.
  2. Taman Negara – This the famous rainforest area of Malaysia that provides tourist with tropical climate experience with tropical animals like that of Macaws, tigers etc. Tourists enjoy the canopy tours over here.
  3. Cameron Highlands – If you are looking for a serene highland and cool experience in Malaysia then Cameron highlands is your thing. This hill station is famous for its strawberry experience and butterfly gardens.
  4. Melaka – Melaka is the town full of cultural heritage in Malaysia? There are a lot of new development recently. Check it out!

Dating With The Hottest Girl in Malaysia

Have you ever thought about dating with the hottest girl in Malaysia?  Before you plan to date a Malaysian girl there are few things you should know: Hottest Girl in Malaysia
  1. You should know that there are 3 major group if ethnicity in Malaysia – Indians, Chinese and Malays. When it comes to dating then the preferences of the women definitely counts. The Indian and the Malay girls have their dating preference for men from same ethnicity but if you have a Chinese girl in mind then they are ready to date any men from any race.
  1. One big thing about dating with the most prettiest girl in Malaysia is the fact that they don’t consider money as their priority as they are from a developed country.
  1. While dating with the sexiest girl in Malaysia, especially the Chinese, you can come across a barrier, the option of the girl’s parents. They date by following the parent’s opinion, which is generally positive if the man cares for the girl genuinely and if he is hard working.