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Factors that Influence App Store Ranking

With the level of cut throat competition that marks the mobile application development Singapore industry these days, getting a mobile app the required visibility on an app store has become one of the major issues for most developers. You need to embrace a certain marketing strategy to optimize your mobile app and make it more discoverable for the relevant audience. The visibility of your app depends upon its ranking on the app store. And, this ranking is determined by the cumulative influence of several different factors which establish the popularity and credibility of your app. The idea is to optimize these factors in such a way that your mobile app attains a superior ranking than your rival competitors in the industry, and appears on the top of the search results on the app store. Let’s have a look at a few of these aforementioned factors that have an enormous impact on the ranking and consequent visibility of your mobile app on the app store.

The app title
When a user visits an app store in search of a mobile app as per his requirements, he needs to enter a set of keywords that will kick start an automated search for all the apps that contain the entered keywords in their title. More often than not, the app developers tend to overlook this miniscule detail of the search technique and end up creating short branding titles that do not incorporate any keywords related to the product or service that the app is associated with. However, you need to understand the importance of employing specific targeted keywords in the title for your mobile app as a sure shot way of achieving enhanced visibility on the app store. For example, there is an app titled ‘Drool’ that incorporates services and products for your pet dogs. In such a case, it is always better to include the most relevant keywords and call it ‘Drool: the dog planet’ instead, to enhance the probability of it being discovered by all dog lovers around the world.

App store optimization (ASO)
Similar to the search engine optimization or SEO, the ASO too aims at optimizing your mobile app by making use of target keywords that your potential audience might be using to make their searches on the app store. However, the one distinguishing factor that makes ASO more complex and a tab bit difficult to achieve as compared to SEO, is the limitation for defining the keywords that is restricted to only 100 characters. It is therefore utmost essential to allocate only relevant keywords and avoid redundancy of characters that have already been incorporated in the title. The primary objective of ASO is to drive more and more relevant traffic towards your mobile app and achieve higher number of conversions as well.

The number of downloads
Most of the app stores tend to rate a mobile app on the basis of the number of downloads that happen on it on a regular basis. The rating system works on the premise of user experience which implies that an app will be more popular and better designed if it is being downloaded by more number of people. In other words, the more your app is being downloaded, the higher it will rank on the app store. Furthermore, any spikes in the download rate can also significantly boost your ranking and visibility on the app store. But what happens if two apps have the same number of downloads? Which of the two will be given a higher rank? Well, Apple aims at resolving this issue by taking into account another factor known as the download rate. In simple words, the download rate will determine the frequency of an app being downloaded and also whether it is being downloaded on a regular basis or not.
Ratings and reviews
Another major factor that has a tremendous influence on the ranking of your mobile app on the app store, is the level of positive ratings and reviews it receives from its users. The major point of contact that connects the user to you and your business is the platform for him to express his views regarding your product or service. Positive reviews and ratings indicate a higher user experience and satisfaction and, also establish the credibility and reputation of the business. The mobile apps that have a higher number of positive reviews and ratings obtain a higher ranking on the app store, to further their exposure to the relevant audience.

CTR and app starts

CTR or click through rate is the rate at which users click through your app with the intent of downloading it. Since the CTR is a major indicator of the number of conversions that are happening on a particular mobile app, it is regarded as one of the major factors that influence its ranking on the app store. In addition to this, the number of ‘app-starts’ is another indicator of a mobile app’s popularity and repute. It is not enough to just get the app downloaded by a user. In fact, it is utmost essential for the user to actually start the app and indulge in its frequent usage. The number of ‘app-starts’ clearly demonstrates the level of retention and engagement of the customers, and is therefore a major factor in determining the ranking of a mobile app on the app store.

The mobility technology not only aids in enhancing and developing your business, but also helps immensely in establishing its reputation in the market. By achieving a better ranking and visibility on the app store, your mobile app can take your business to unprecedented heights, and keep you ahead of your rival competitors in the market.

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