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Bus Services From Melaka To Port Dickson

Nearest Bus Route From Melaka To Port Dickson

Port Dickson is a popular beach destination located in the Negeri Sembilan State of Malaysian Peninsula. It is another semi tourist town which is attractive for weekend visitors mainly. Route Distance of Bus from Melaka to Port Dickson is about 60 kilometers. Port Dickson is well connected to rest of Malaysian Peninsula by roads. The highways have all the possible modes of commutation like, Rental Cars, Taxis or Bus Services.

Travelers may go by cars or taxis but the most convenient, affordable and safe method is to board a bus for Port Dickson. There are several bus companies operating on this route from Melaka to Port Dickson. The buses take up Federal Route 5 or the Coastal Trunk Road to reach Port Dickson. As, local people also travel in these buses together with the tourists, consequently in spite of available buses on the route; the buses may not be timely available. Also, since the mode of commutation is limited to the booked transport service, it is important that the travelers book their return tickets to avoid the last minute hassle.

Duration of Bus Routes

The trip from Melaka to Port Dickson takes around 2 to 2.5 hours. The time taken is tentative and also depends upon the traffic on road. Since the direct buses are very limited from Melaka to Port Dickson, so the travelers are advised to book the tickets prior. Most of the buses board from Melaka Bus Sentral and reach Port Dickson via Seremban.


There are limited bus operators providing the services from morning till evening. The buses arrive from Melaka Bus Sentral to Port Dickson as early as 0745 hrs till 0900 hrs. The departure time for the buses from Port Dickson is from 1400 hrs till 1500 hrs. Some of the buses that operate are as following:

1. KKKL Singapore
2. Golden Coach Express
3. SE Super Express
4. Kesatuan Express
All the buses are well equipped with latest facilities having arm rest and big room for legs for ensuring rest while journey. Some of the premium bus services give travelers the opportunity to choose the pick up point according to their convenience.



In old times, precious time of travelers was given up to booking lines and counters. The exhaustion thus created depressed the travelers before exploring the tourist spot. Now, Internet has given the potential that the travelers can book their tickets in advance and can reduce the unnecessary wastage of energy and time. Many times, agents force customers to buy tickets at higher rates in urgent situation. Such situations can be avoided by booking the tickets online. Travelers should also book their return trips from Port Dickson as at times the buses are overcrowded, and it might become difficult to obtain tickets in rush. Travelers can book their trips the preceding month and make most of their trips. The easy booking method and advance arrangements will make the travelers’ trip a wonderful experience to memorize.

Last by not least, When you are in Melaka, do not forget to check out this impressive Encore Melaka Theatre which is launched by Yong Tai Berhad. 

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